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About Us

NJ Group has been at the forefront of identifying issues that bug the service industry, reasoning on how it can be resolved, and implementing solutions to the best of our abilities. Whether it is ensuring how guests are treated, training the staff to make them absolute professionals or gathering customer’s review about their experience, we are passionate about delivering exceptional service by catering to anyone’s unique needs.

Problems in the service industry are dime a dozen, and we aim to resolve them with practical solutions. For some issues, the answer might be as simple as a trained staff or as complex as automation; our focus is always towards making life easier.

Our motto ‘KISS’ (Keep It Simple, Straight) reflects in our way of working; we transform the manual and old processes and create new intelligent solutions and workflows. The aim is to not only please our guests but also our employees- by creating solutions that are fast, simple and easy.


To recognise the issues that obstruct the service industry from growth and synthesise new possibilities and practical solutions to resolve them.


Provide an elite experience to our customers wherever they go, with our excellent service, admirable attitude as well as a warm, welcoming ambience and respect the future via sustainable and ethical practices.

The advantages of conducting business in Singapore

With a team of nearly 60+ members spread across 7 different nationalities, the NJ Team comes to work together in a multiracial country and multicultural environment to provide solutions for our guests. Our team is empowered with more than 10 different professional skills, ensuring each one plays a significant role in making the right decisions.

  • Strong Government Support

    Filed with exciting opportunities, Singapore is a robust financial hub pushed with a slew of programs and policies introduced by the government.

  • Availability of Global Resources

    Singapore has a highly skilled workforce in the country, while its open-immigration policy allows easy hiring of foreigners.

  • Haven for Businesses

    With one of the lowest corporate tax rates across the world, connectivity for cross-border trade and open trade policies to ensure fewer trade restrictions for entrepreneurs, business development is highly encouraged in Singapore.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    A top destination for expats, Singapore’s high-quality of life and rapid economic growth has encouraged the creation of world-class infrastructure.

Understanding the Food Business trend of Singapore

Singapore has long been recognized as a diversified cultural and multiracial society with no local agricultural production or manufacturing.

Global perspective- F&B Industry

Owing to the restaurant industry showcasing steady positive growth over the last decade, the global market outlook has been quite optimistic.

Global CAGR market growth:

2020: US $1.2 Trillion

2027: US $1.7 Trillion (projected)

CAGR growth of 4.7% over the period 2020-2027

The Rising Graph of Singapore IT Industry

Rapid adoption and advancement of technology have played a huge role in the growth of Singapore’s IT industry.

A Global Outlook of the IT Industry

The pandemic has played a huge role in pivoting various business models from offline to online, resulting in huge demand for professionals to initiate as well as manage this transformation.

Major steps for the future:

Focus on Digital transformation

Reskilling workforce to optimize remote work capabilities

NJ Executive Team

With a team of nearly 60+ members spread across 7 different nationalities, the NJ Team comes to work together in a multiracial country and multicultural environment to provide solutions for our guests. Our team is empowered with more than 10 different professional skills, ensuring each one plays a significant role in making the right decisions.

  • Neelendra Jain
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    27 years of experience has taught Mr. Neelendra one thing- the next day should never be the same as the one before, whether in terms of concepts.

  • Neetu Jain
    Chief Financial Officer

    Starting her professional journey as a teacher, Ms. Neetu Jain applied the same principles to help create an organisation that enriches people’s lives.

  • Joel Saldanha
    Group Vice President

    A dynamic service-centric visionary, Mr. Joel Saldhana has gained more than 12+ years of invaluable experience in the F&B industry.

  • Niharika Jain
    Executive Management Trainee

    A relative newcomer, who studied in Singapore and India, graduated in Business Marketing from the UK and has travelled across the globe.

The Secret of our Business:

With a belief that the core of one’s spirit comes from new experiences, NJ Group aspires to continue to create out-of-the-box, innovative experiences for our customers. To help find unique solutions for businesses in the service industry, there is one motto that remains consistent among our teammates as well as the project- KISS (Keep It Simple, Straight). A product/service could be simple or complex by design, but what matters to us is how it could make lives simpler for others.

By transforming old and manual ways of working into intelligent workflows, we like our projects and ideas to make life better for people. NJ Group is in the market for conceptualizing and fabricating KISS based intelligent solutions that would motivate people to work effectively.

Our Business
  • Food & Beverages

    NJ Group of restaurants is an innovative F&B service provider in Singapore. The Group’s dynamic restaurants include Cali Rochester, Cali Changi, Relish, and My Cafe & Bar. Each restaurant catering to a specific target market in that specific location. Singapore’s F&B Retail sector crossed over $8.3 billion in annual receipts with a

  • Education

    Our Training section is a learning foundation platform targeted for an audience from young talents to professionals, in cutting edge technological areas like artificial intelligence internet of things (IOT) data science, Machine Learning, etc. enabling industry-manpower to bridge the skill gap in future technologies. With a comprehensive

  • Innovation

    A platform for intelligence & technology collaboration between stakeholders to build collective capabilities in the cutting-edge digital areas. Accelerating from product development to go-to-market launching, collaborative POCS leveraging the technological & networking capabilities. With the correct design

Social Responsibility

As we work together to address the expectations of our shareholders and guests, we also work to achieve a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives that affect the world. Being a good corporate citizen means contributing to the realisation of a better society.

From the way we breathe, to what we eat & drink every day, our goal is to uplift the world wherever possible. We contribute $50 every day to support our local communities, believing in the culture of giving back. To build stronger communities. as a company, we believe in providing sponsorship as in kind donations and material support instead of cash or cheque, which ensures that the actual needs and requirements of charity organisations are met.

Our Certifications

Owing to the innovative service and the indulgent experience, NJ Group has created a certain niche in the service and dining industry. This is why we have been recognised and certified by various organisations over the years.